Friday, April 30, 2010

understand each other so well.

When I tell something in a jovial manner, you consider it serious or sarcastic.
When you tell something in a jovial manner, I consider it serious or sarcastic.
Where exactly is the so called “very good understanding” between us.


  1. That is has remained good despite these issues! Simple as that!

  2. The good understanding obviously transcends above what is just spoken but is a deeper one of the hearts than what words would merely convey.

  3. A very good quote i remember after reading this is "Try looking at the world wearing his/her shoes sometimes" :)

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  5. “very good understanding”-

    just want to know - whether the above words are serious of jovial?

  6. I think Tolerance is the word which we all should stick to rather than Understanding, in this speeding world.

    Understanding someone is tedious and one need to be in the same wave length and so on.....

    Tolerance makes things strings attached.....this works with anyone and everything.....