Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is from our dearest that we receive and to the dearest that we show the meanest side of our character to the extent of being hurt/hurting them deeply.
So do we be happy that we are considered the dearest or feel sad because of the deep pain inflicted?


  1. It is only the hand that rocks the cradle coreects the child.It is not showing the meanest character when you point out to your dear their flaws and vice versa.One should be happy that he/she has done the duty of pointing out the mistakes in time

  2. In such situations we should redefine who are our dearest and whom are we dearest..???
    It is either 'dear' or 'injury'.
    A thought provoking predicament.

  3. no..
    how to explain?
    in a gear box - the friction is great with the wheels nearer..hence it is.. not at all any hard feelings..