Monday, December 7, 2009


This poem is from Ajit Peter. I just love the way words flow out in his poems...
in a jiffy the poem is in his heart and mind and down in a paper........
I have a keen desire to write poems with a similar touch.....
the flow...the lyrics...and the beauty
in a drop of tear a world to see
in a drop of rain joy to be
in a tick of a clock eternity
in a single cell life to be
in a touch of feather hearts be shy
in a single word the spirits to fly
in one friend a world to see
in a wink of an eye love to be
in a ray of sunshine warmth in heart
in stars twinkle joy be got
in a single flower love to tell
in a smile to cast a spell

a drop of joy
a drop of tear
a simple smile
a simple wink
a grain of sand

little in the world
yet a lifetime of thoughts

Sunday, December 6, 2009

there is many a slip
between the heart and the lip....
we want to say something, but feel it not right
so as not to offend others and bring them in a dim light
but we have no control about what is in heart
since the truth emits like dart
later we make excuses by way of saying

hold it dear, don't take the wrong meaning
that was not what my heart did hold
there was an error in the way it is told.