Saturday, April 10, 2010

rivalry or unbreakable bond

A few months and a few families was all that was needed for a conflict and misunderstanding - Oh god...why so I mused.
I realized for rivalry to begin it is not few months or few families that are needed...all it needs is a few seconds and two people.
All depends on how we channelize our mind.
If positively taken then it would take just few seconds and two people to create an unbreakable bond too. Are we willing to take that?


  1. It takes two to create a conflict.If one is passive and plays it down what seemed a certain fight fades away.All it takes is a little giving in where the issue is not big in nature.

  2. what if a bond is a liability because you have to hold on to it. where as a rivalry offers unlimited potential for growth.

  3. wow ! you said it right, a powerful punch .... we live in an era where ego speaks, conquers and survives...
    meeting a real man is a seldom occurance.

  4. me heard: "love is just understanding.."