Friday, February 5, 2010

A random thought

I have a right to my thoughts. They may be good, they may not. They may be right, they may not. If my thoughts are not right or good, then I have the option of either understanding where it is not right and correcting it. I also have the option of accepting suggestions given by near and dear ones and correcting. I also have the option of just leaving the topic.

If my thoughts are right and good, I could share them with my near and dear ones. But it should be left to them to accept or not. I should not thrust it down their throat just because I feel it right or good.

I should remember that what is right and good for me need not necessarily be the same for others. I should give them their living space...and not live life for them.

(The word “I” usually implies a feeling of ego in a person. But here I felt it better to use the word to teach myself a lesson.)


  1. Wonderful! Now, I have a right to your thought, a right to follow it! :)

  2. feel - u may even breath for them too..