Saturday, February 6, 2010

just listen

All that people want is a listening board. A listening board that listens with rapt attention and responds with remarks like - oh really good…… that is wonderful…… are amazing etc. when something positive is told. And - oh my god.....why did that happen to you.....oh you poor little thing…. I know you are not at fault....why should life be so cruel to you etc. when something negative or sad is told. But remember, something to this effect is only to be responded. Think before you decide to give suggestions/solutions/advice that do seem reasonable. Remember you are only needed as a listening board and not an advising board.


  1. that was soo true..all that others expect frm u is to agree with them. they may not always wants to hear expert advices, but just a genuine nod is enough to make them feel better

  2. So true. Never give unsolicited advice. But who will listen?

  3. Can you generalise?There may be some who may need a genuine advice.Yes,it is good to resist from giving unsolicited advice.But that again depends upon how close and interested is one with the other- like a mom giving to a daughter.Sometimes it is a duty cast upon us to offer advice