Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If I am liked/loved it should be for what I am or I am not, be it in goodness, attitude etc and not just because I happen to be better than someone not so good. (in comparison)


  1. There is nothing absolute with set standards for attributes like goodness or wickedness or attitudes.It is all relative.We constantly evaluate in comparison with others consciously or unconsciously.We say a particular politician is good in comparison with others.
    Our liking or loving a person is another matter and is certainly for what the person is and is more an emotional response than strictly on the basis of the qualities actually possesed or in comparison to others.

  2. Its just the way we look at things and unknowingly we tend to compare it with other things and decide whether its good or bad , right or wrong , love or hate.

    We should remember that they are just relative :)

  3. Hey Lakshmi,

    U said it...An opinion should be made on the reality and not on the backbone of somebody else's say...thats how I take it...just bcoz evrybdy like someone, it doesnt mean I would like the same person...i can like him / her only after knowing what he / she exactly is...A very meaningful phrase...

    btw saw ur comment in my post...thanks for that...

  4. if u pour the love - u will receive the love..
    if u have only - goodness, attitude etc and not the love, then there is a possibilty that every attributes may be compared as love is not an attibute; it is a state of being or feeling..