Friday, November 26, 2010


A smile – it sets many a curves right.
A look at the face that gives the smile though will tell things a little different. How to know if the smile from the lips is from deep within? Very simple indeed, just life up your gaze to the eyes. What do the eyes tell? Are they smiling?
If yes then indeed the smile is from the heart.
But the truth the eyes tell is explicit
only to those who really care about the owner of those eyes.


  1. I never knew of this simple trick to distinguish between the fake and genuine smile.Thank you Lakshmi.
    One doubt is bothering me.Some eyes have a natural twinkle always.What do you do then?

  2. Hi Lakshmi,
    I don't think it is that simple.At times when everyone wears a mask,it is not easy to look at the eyes. Yes,and even then,only if you care who owns those eyes!

  3. ye(s)

    when one smiles..

    the owner of the eyes?

  4. That is so true. A smile and facial expressions is not something one really thinks about but when you phrase it like that, you put added meaning to a smile.

  5. Good post! You've given me something to think about :-)


  6. I do agree with you. But it's pretty contradictory at times, as people wear so many masks. It's hard to figure out :)
    As per your comment, yes..the answer lies in my previous post..but sometimes life is an irony :) Leaves us blank, and the answers soon fade away...

  7. When the heart smiles, the face can't help but smile too. :-) On the same thought, when the heart is sad... it will be reflected in a person's eyes, hide it or not.

  8. Lakshmi, You really have a nice space here. Even I feel if the smile is genuine it gets reflected in the eyes. Shall be in touch. Take care.

  9. Jai Shri Krishna,

    I make people smile with funny things on my blog. Have you ever come across Dad & Ronie's chat which goes like this:-

    "I won’t go to School from tomorrow.

    Why ?

    My school bus gets stuck up daily in traffic jam and I reach school very late."

    It's in my blog. Jai Shri Krishna

  10. True. But then there are times when we have to smile forcibly or fake a smile not because we are fake but just to make other person happy :)

  11. smile is a smile fake or real its good to smile

  12. Happy New Year
    I enjoy reading your posts ,its like each word is felt within ,very amazing feeling

  13. hmm..true.. smile is the window to the heart..

  14. thats right!

    eyes dont lie :D

  15. Hi,,where are u friend? you okay?

  16. Smile that reaches the eyes are the only true smiles. I look for those too. :)

  17. Redefining Oblivion wishes you a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Purposeful 2012, and beyond.