Wednesday, September 8, 2010

letting go

Does letting go by bowing down a little
for our loved ones mean we are
paving way to demean ourselves?


  1. No,not at all so long it is not a habit.But letting go any misdemeanur should be after firmly and gently expressing our displeasure and not talking about it again.

  2. if one is a really loved one - this question never arise..

    if its not real - it may be a pretend.. better never bow down..

  3. Certainly not! Concession is perhaps among the most noble and definite acts of courageousness!

  4. No, we can do that for our loved ones. But they should not be taking it for granted!

  5. they say it s all in our head(mind)...and thats all :P

    not getting updates from you ooops

  6. Love is in letting go.We cant own any thing or any one in this world.Everything passes hands.
    Love is a make believe story.Don't believe a word of what people say when they are in love.

  7. I differ Mr Dr.Antony
    no.. in fact that is the time only -
    when one speaks truth..
    a lover - never afraid of telling truth -
    ever how hard it is..
    if love is truth every thing is truth..

  8. @arvind.
    I understand.As time passes you will change your mind.How many have kept their words?It is full of sweet words and concerns,till you belong to each other.And then,you start seeing the real person and bleak realities.Please,I don't mean to argue, I agree with you if you are in love.

  9. @Dr Antony: to keep words? to be with sweet words? that is love?

    no.. me not in love now..

    but a love nvr need those things too.. its just a play with the soul.. just a play - as the play of wind with the flowers..

  10. No, Love requires sacrifice.

  11. all is in mind and depends on education and society culture

  12. Yup...I can bow my head a 1000 times for a loved one... there is happiness in letting go..