Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Age

Old age is really a threatening stage in human life.
More so if the health condition - physically and/or mentally is at stake.
Add to it - if there is no one to care for them.
Old age is really a threatening stage.


  1. Old age would be a punishment if one is sick,dependent on others,financially in want and without caring children.Why old age, anyone dependent on others would be miserable.It is all in hands of destiny or the outcome of past actions.
    Not a pleasant thought for people growing old.

  2. me heard:
    at old
    one is more wise..
    and better know:
    "what to do..
    what not.."

    learn a
    just do it
    with all ur heart..

    (g)old age..

  3. Except is seen as a closer step back to The Source, after experiencing so many beauties in life... isn't returning Home relieving?

    @ Arvind: (G)old age... lovely :)

  4. Lakshmi, first of all a big applause for thinking about this and sharing ur thoughts with us bcz u know the world is too busy to think about what happens to the elderly..

    I was talking to my mom about grand pa.He is in his 70's & once a the strong man, now turning into a sad lonely person due to his physical weakness, even though his children takes good care of him.
    I also remembered my paternal grand ma who is now admitted in a hospital and you know the room is so crowded with her children and grand children visiting every day.But when she was at home, she too was lonely to an extent.
    We must understand what they really need and what really matters to them & it takes a lot of time from our part, but thats our duty.

    truly i loved reading ur post, short but so meaningful.

  5. This makes me wonder about all those people who have been cast away into old age homes and neglected by their kith and kin! I wish people take another look at the way they define their relationships and understand that without "strings" (as what we call today), we are more of independent entities than the interdependent beings we are supposed to be!

  6. I think as long as one is healthy and has a loving family, old age is not as threatening or frightening a thought. One only hopes not to be a burden on others.

  7. More than financial independence, health etc it is the craving for love and affection that really matters to the aged. Involving them in family decisions, functions and showing that you care for their advice will go a long way in making them happy. Words of comfort and acts of love are far more effective than Putting them in an expensive old age home.

  8. @ Mr Saras
    true indeed...a little deed makes a drastic change in one...and this act is what we seem to lack to do

  9. Very true. But the hardships can be eased off a little if the offsprings take care of them with love and understanding.

  10. Everybody grows old, sooner or later. But growing old gracefully and awesomely is something not everybody learns to do for some reasons known and unknown. Old age can't be so bad though despite some realities.. but only if we have our minds and hearts sorted out while young.