Wednesday, June 16, 2010


One performing a self-purification rite....oh what could be done..... jump into a fire like Sitadevi did?????
News creating sensations...when a new one comes then down goes the old one into the pit....deep inside....just so that at a later stage we can dig and awaken the emotions in people, just to put them back into the pit.
No wonder we have scheming people playing with emotions of the ignorant ones


  1. You have said it so well though there is no purificatory endeavour in any.After Delhi riots, we had Babri Masjid,Godhra followed by Gujarat,,Mumbai massacre,Satyam, Quottrochi fiasco ,Bhopal tragedy and Anderson: it is endless only to fade in memory and come back when it suits the political leaders in their electoral games mostly.There is no trace of sympathy for the victims in all these verbal exercises.

  2. Why not call scheming people as ignorant?They just do those acts which are against humanity and hence God.
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.
    God bless.