Thursday, August 27, 2009


What a mother feels on looking at her baby soon after its birth....... ..
What a sister feels when her brother apologises for a mistake done (and vice versa)
What a father feels when his son hugs him and says "Dad, I love you."
The feelings between two friends in a true friendship ....
These and many such feelings can never be defined in words.
These feelings create a special bond between the receiver and the giver and it says
"I love you and am always there for you."


  1. helo.. yes totally agree...some kinda feelings never can be defined..whatever deep they maybe...blogrolled yu :) keep visitin..hope to cyu around..kalakitingoo:)

    H a R y

  2. Woww.. Seriously
    I have no words for this one.
    Very much true..
    Love is something which we can never define it can best be felt


    Loved ur writeups :)